Hasser Graham, Psychologist, Corporate Coach, Presenter MAPS
Hasser operates a private practice in Psychology, and leadership development. Hasser holds a Bachelor of Psychology and a Diploma in Clinical Hypnosis. He is registerd with The Psychology Board of Australia and is eligible under medicare to provide mental health services. He is a member of The Australian Psychological Society and Australian Society of Hypnosis Ltd. 
He is currently Chair of  the Australian Society of Hypnosis (WA) a not for profit, benovelent, professional organisation with the mission of providing the  preemenent source of training for health professionals in Hypnosis and information to the  the wider community. 
 He is also the co-founder of Executive Vision Pty ltd- a Coaching and Training organization that provides engaging  professional development in vital applied psychology for the workplace!
Hasser has consulted for over 25 years to individuals, and national and international organizations. He has been repeatedly invited as a special guest on the award winning International Radio show “the good life”. He has personally coached Managing Directors of a number of leading private investment firms, that manage over $20 billion in capital. He has also assisted numerous world class singers, actors, authors and television personalities  to overcome their career threatening mental blocks and then helped them go on to achieve their full potential. 
In Australia, Hasser has consulted for the Australian Football League Players Association, three AFL coaches, the Australian Institute of Sport, and has appeared as regular on Radio 6PR, He has also been involved in Television documentaries, that help address Youth Suicide!
He is particularly skilled in the psychology of change and influence. Hasser’s expertise in corporate coaching, psychology and peak performance enables leaders to easily address areas that require improvement. Hasser provides your organization and its people with up-to-date practices that lead to outstanding results. 
Two examples of workshops: (1) Hasser was  commissioned November 2008 by the Magistrates of WA to provide training that focused on strategies to help improve positive Mental Health! The training was evaluated unanimously as incredibly useful and intriguing! (2) In 2009 Hasser provided a workshop at the Australian Society of Hypnosis - Annual Conference, called- Facilitating Change:Vital Applied Psychology for Practitioners. It was held  in Queenstown, New Zealand. Participants rated the seminar as outstanding. As a result of this conference he was invited by the New Zealand Society of Hypnosis to be a keynote speaker in 2011, at their national conference.